Implementation of a process application and integration of automation of the raw material sorting line at HKSCAN Świnoujście, commissioned by FOSS Polska

The sorting line is designed to categorize and automatically sort the raw material (bacon) based on process measurements performed by the FOSS MeatMaster II Apparatus. The line consists of 4 sorting stations and one rejecting station for elements that do not meet the production requirements. The basic application has been additionally equipped with a statistical analysis module of measurement data.


Process measurements processed by the control system:

  • fat content,
  • weight,
  • geometric dimensions of the raw material (length, height, width),
  • raw material density.

The completed application fulfills the following tasks:

  • presentation of current measurement data,
  • data archiving,
  • generating production reports,
  • printing labels,
  • defining the required production parameters.

Tasks performed by AB-Micro Sp. z o.o .:

  • measuring/control equipment specification and delivery (GE, Sick, Siemens),
  • implementation of process software in the SCADA Movicon 11 environment,
  • development of control software for the Simatic S7-1200 controller,
  • prefabrication of a control cabinet (Rittal),
  • installation of measuring/control equipment,
  • integration of the control system with the weighbridge,
  • starting the sorting line.