Control and monitoring of heat nodes


Dedicated solution based on the BES-151 HMI controller for controlling heat nodes

Ready-to-install wall-mounted control cabinet with IP66 protection

Basic features and benefits:

  • On-line communication with the SCADA server (Ethernet, GSM/GPRS)
  • Upgrade of firmware, control software, configuration, and process parameters via FTP server
  • Electronic object identifier and software/configuration backup ensuring automatic restart of the controller with the current parameters after service replacement of the device or SIM card
  • Upgrade of firmware, control programs, and process parameters using an SD card
  • Support for wireless sensors of internal temperature in the building
  • Remote configuration of the controller operating parameters using the SCADA application
  • Ability to define schedules for superior, periodic correction of central heating and warm water parameters from the SCADA application level
  • Resistance to loss of measurement data of the heat node thanks to the use of a built-in recorder
  • Reading the measurement data of heat meters using M-BUS
  • The possibility of expanding the measurement functions thanks to the built-in Modbus RTU and TCP protocols
  • Cooperation with control valves controlled by 24 V, 230 V, -10/+10 VDC, 4-20 mA signals

Podstawowe funkcje i korzyści

Available algorithms:

  • PID control of 2 central heating circuits,
  • PID control of 2 DHW circuits,
  • Warm water priority,
  • Warm water disinfection,
  • Automatic activation and deactivation of the central heating circuit depending on the outside temperature,
  • Stabilization of the temperature of the thermal medium return from the node
  • Correction of temperatures in central heating and domestic hot water circuits according to the controller’s fixed local schedules
  • Correction of central heating parameters due to the radio sensors of internal temperature
  • Manual (service) control of the position of the control valves and circulation pumps from the built-in operator panel